Smelly Gourmet Unusual Gifts

Over 80% of what you find at the Smelly Gourmet is made by Smelly and his bride, Brenda. The ideas for new products come easy.  Its the time needed to make them all that is difficult.  You'll find many unusual items and new ones popping up all the time.

Smellys Specialty Food and Drinks

The Smelly Gourmet offers a various array of specialty food and drink items in our store as well as online. Our specialty coffee and espresso, Smelly's award winning Chili Mix, Smelly's Russian Tea and more.

Smelly Made Home Accents

Our own designs of home decor and lighting made right here in our Metamora, Indiana shop. An ever changing line of products due to Smellys imagination. Some of these items can be shipped, others are too big and have to be picked up in the store.  As we build new items we add them to the page.

Geek Sculptures and Clocks

Computer geek and tech clock gifts hand crafted from dead computers! Smellys own original designs of unusual computer geek clocks. Each one is signed, dated and numbered. The perfect gift for computer lovers, computer geeks and computer techs! These computer clocks keep Smelly very busy in the workshop!

Popular Gifts in Our Store

Popular gifts, home accents and lawn and garden items from our store.